Installation Instructions

The principle of the ball check valve is very simple. The ball has sufficient weight to seat tightly even in high viscous liquid, but to open freely so that the head loss is minimal. Cyclone ball check valves can be installed horizontally or vertically provided that they are installed as the illustration shows. The preferred installation of a cyclone ball valve is in the vertical position. This will insure that gravity will seat the ball properly each time.

The pressure rating for Cyclone ball check valves is 150 pounds per square inch. If a high pressure ball check is required, please contact customer service. Cyclone ball check valves incorporate a standard sinking ball, which operates on gravity. Special floating balls are available for valves to be installed in different positions than described above. The maximum recommended operating temperature for Cyclone ball check valves is 180°F.




  1. Check inside the valve to be sure that any materials used in shipping are removed. Check for any foreign material that should not be inside the valve and remove.
  1. Check the operation of the ball by pushing it away from the seating surface to be sure it moves freely.
  1. Inspect the ends to be sure there are no raised burrs or edges that would allow the valve to not seal when connected.
  2. Install the valve with the flow arrow in the direction of flow.
  3. If installed in a vertical position the direction of flow must be in an up-arrow direction.
  4. If installed in a horizontal position the valve must be installed with the cover oriented to the top.

    Maintenance: Service / Repair:

Cyclone ball check valves sometimes require 12 month regular maintenance.

Disassembly of the valve may be required due to debris obstructing the valves ability to operate correctly or for inspecting the valve for wear.

  1. Loosen and remove colar rings (if applicable) and or remove the valve.
  2. Remove the O’ring.
  3. Clean and inspect the ball for damage and or debris.
  4. Examine the seating area for damage.
  5. Reassemble valve with new or existing parts as needed.
  6. Put valve back in operating service.
  7. Inspect valve for any cover and end connection leaks.

(1) Year Limited Warranty: Cyclone Valves are guaranteed against defects of materials or workmanship when used for the services recommended. If in any recommended service, a defect develops due to material or workmanship, and the device is returned, freight prepaid, to Cyclone Valves within 12 months from the date of purchase, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Cyclone Valves liability shall be limited to our agreement to repair or replace the valve only.

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