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Since our inception in 2017 Cyclone Backwater Valves has been successful in protecting homes and businesses from flood damage. When back flow conditions occur the Cyclone Ball floats automatically providing positive shut off and property protection, no one needs to activate the valve during back flow conditions. A sewerage back flow into a property will happen if a stoppage or similar problem in a municipal street sewer or septic system occurs causing the water level to rise above the top of the property drain. It is under these conditions that the Cyclone Ball Valve works. As the sewerage back flow occurs the trapped air in the sewerage line is forced into the expansion chamber through a port in the valve. As the expansion chamber fills with air and expands the ball rises until the drainage opening is completely sealed off. Once a complete closure is obtained in the valve all back flow is prevented from entering the property. When the back flow subsides and the water level returns to normal the ball on top of the expansion chamber forces the trapped air out of the chamber and into the drainage line allowing the ball to lower to a full open position. Cyclone Valves are designed to work in residential basements, commercial buildings, some industrial applications and restaurants. All fixtures installed above grade are connected on the downstream (sewer) side of the valve. This allows continued use of the above grade fixtures while protecting below grade areas from flooding. In most of our installations a Cyclone Valve was purchased on the principle of low maintenance for the owner and ease of installation for the homeowner or plumbing contractor.

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