Wet Weather

Heavy rains or melting snow will overwhelm a sewer system. The sudden flow from the excess water will cause sewage to back up into a home. These problems normally begin from outside on the street level. The water pours into the system after a heavy storm and raises the water table. The water surfaces at the lowest point of the basement. Of all the reasons this one is the less preventable. Urban development is also a problem for a sewer system. Natural draining areas become blocked by asphalt and other structures. The water is unable to drain properly and causes flooding in the sewer system. drain_tile_interior

Poor Home Maintenance

Cracks in a basement can allow water from sewers and ground moisture water to invade homes. Improperly cared for pipes can also burst and send sewage flooding into a home. This is why home upkeep is so important to property protection. Plumbing and basement conditions are not the only things that affect a flood situation. The state of the home owner’s property is just as important. Outside a home, one of the most common sewer blockage problems is tree roots. The invasion of tree roots in a sewer system falls to the property owner to fix. The root will block a pipe or sewer line and prevent wastewater to flow where it needs to go. The tree root problem should be fixed as soon as possible. If not, the homeowner could find themselves completely separated from the sewer system.

 Too Many Users

The last cause of basement flooding is as simple as a population increase. The more homes on a sewer line, then the more possibility of sewer flooding. Residents who have trouble with sewer flooding should be mindful of what is flushed and wash down drains and toilets. One careless discard can lead to trouble for a whole system.

What Home Owners can do to Prevent Sewer Flooding:

Be aware of how much waste is washed down a drain.
Make sure all pipes and drains are repaired and in working order.
Install preventive plumbing aids like sump pumps and backwater valves to handle the water rushes that can’t be controlled.