Communicate with Cyclone Valves Water Alarm while away from home and be notified of the current status via Wi-Fi App. Cyclone Water Alarms offer reliable performance helping keep your property safe by alerting you on potential water leaks and sewer backups. Cyclones Wi-Fi Module sends e-mail, text and status alerts to your phone via Tuya Smart App with no monthly or yearly fees. No Hub required. Easily connects to any plumbing system commercial/residential property. Cyclone flood alarm is a system that utilizes sensor arms to monitor water flow and pressure. This technology can be used to detect leaks, sewer backups and sump pump failure within a plumbing system. Cyclone flood alarms are the most reliable cost effective flood alarms on the market today.







Cyclone Valves is dedicated to providing property owners with the very best solutions to help you reduce the risk of a destructive health hazard sewer backup flooding. Even if you already had a flood there are solutions that will help you prevent sewer backup flooding.  Cyclone Backwater Valves operate in a very simple basic manner the valves have only one moving part the Ball. When water starts the flow moves the ball upward and into the track completely out of the flow path. When the water stops the liquid begins to flow in reverse the ball moves back to its original seated position and prevents further back flow. Cyclone Drain Valves provide a permanent way to prevent drain clogs and sewage backups, eliminating the need for chemical drain cleaners, plungers and expensive pipe repairs. Cyclone Valves self cleaning drain valves provides the features of conventional plumbing but creates a spinning ball turbulence to break down and propel debris away. As a green initiative our proactive solutions will help prevent countless tons of water damaged belongings from overwhelming our landfills. Making the public aware of every method available to help reduce the risk of water damage from sewer backup flooding.

Each year in the United States sewer backup flooding occurs nearly 500,000 times when about 50,000 municipal sanitary sewers overflows occur. This sewage back up situation creates an environment in which potentially deadly pathogens are introduced into a property and conditions are created in which toxic black mold can grow. The biggest problems arise in systems that combine storm water and raw sewage into the same pipeline. During many rain storms the systems are exposed to more volume than they can handle and the result is a sewage back up situation that allows sewage to spew out flooding into basements and other low lying drains. Building more and more homes connected to already aging sewage systems has also contributed to rapid increases in sanitary sewer backups flooded basements and overflows. The reality that funding to maintain and improve sewer systems has decreased while the demands placed upon these aging sewer systems has increased makes the flooding problem even worse. Sewage backups endanger the health of hundreds of thousands of Americans and create hefty repair bills for cities and consumers alike. While local officials and voters have been treating sewers as an “out of sight out of mind” problem, the results of backed up sewers are increasingly making themselves known throughout the nation. The Civil Engineering Research Foundation reports that backed up sewers are increasing at the alarming rate of about five percent each year. A recent report from the American Society of Civil Engineers indicates that the nation’s 500,000-plus miles of sewer lines are on average over fifty years old. Our nations aging sewer systems are overflowing with increasing regularity and introducing unprecedented amounts of pollutants into our waterways.

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