24/7 - Wi Fi Alarm Protection

24/7  Wi Fi Alarm Protection 

Communicate with Cyclone Valves Water Alarm while away from home and be notified of the current status via Wi-Fi App. Cyclone Water Alarms offer reliable performance helping keep your property safe by alerting you on potential water leaks and sewer backups. Cyclones Wi-Fi Module sends email text and status alerts to your phone via Tuya Smart App with no monthly or yearly fees. No Hub Required. Easily connects to any plumbing system commercial or residential property. Cyclone flood alarm is a system that utilizes sensor arms to monitor water flow. This technology can be used to detect leaks, sewer backups, and sump pump failure within a plumbing system. Cyclone flood alarms are the most reliable cost-effective flood alarms on the market today.

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Our new and innovative product designs have quickly captured the attention of code officials and the plumbing industry across North America making Cyclone Valves Products the professional’s choice for sewer backup protection.                                                                       PRODUCTS ARE MADE TO ORDER – No Sales Tax Plus Free Shipping On USA Orders – Delivery 14 Days

150 PSI Hydrostatic Pressure Tested
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  • Insured & Bonded - Grange Insurance

  • Quality Standards - UPC Approved NSF Approved PVC ASTM D1785

  • 35 Years in the Plumbing Industry

Our Mission   

Cyclone Valves is dedicated to providing you with the very best solutions to help you reduce the risk of a destructive devastating health hazard basement home. Even if you’ve already had a flood there are solutions that will help you be proactive to reduce your risk rather than reactive and cleaning up after another flood. Making the public aware of every method available to help reduce the risk of water damage from home flooding. As a green initiative our proactive solutions will help prevent countless tons of water damaged belongings from overwhelming our landfills. Cyclone Valves is dedicated to reducing the risk of damage from home flooding.

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