Wi Fi Alarm Products

Cyclone Wi-Fi Water Alarms offer reliable performance, helping keep your property safe by alerting you on potential water leaks/sewer backups before it causes serious damage. Battery powered with low energy consumption it can operate in standby mode for over 6 months. The sensor requires little effort to install and is very easy to use. Made durable Cyclone water alarms are compact in size and can easily be installed in your any desired location. For peace of mind place the water sensor near your kitchen sink, washing machine, water heater, bathtub, dishwasher etc. The bottom of the sensor contains 3 highly sensitive gold-plated probes which set off the alarm. Plug and play with Tula smart app Cyclone water Sensor requires no hub or subscription service. Designed to connect to your Wi-Fi network simply download the Tula smart App on Apple Store or Google Play. From the app, you will receive instant push notification of any water leakage. It also lets you keep an eye on the battery level of the device to ensure the water sensor never runs out of power. (Note: Water Sensor only supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, most internet modems support 2.4 / 5.0. If the Alarm is alerted, you need to press the reset button inside the Alarm for 1 sec. then remove the alerts on the phone app so the alarm resets.) Connecting Alarm – Set Cell Phone Data to Roaming on then connect Cable Modem to 2.4 GHz.