Our Mission


Cyclone Valves is dedicated to providing you with the very best solutions to help you reduce the risk of a devastating health hazard sewer backup flooding. Even if you’ve already had a flood there are solutions that will help you be proactive to reduce your risk rather than reactive and cleaning up after another flood. Making the public aware of every method available to help reduce the risk of sewer backup flooding. As a green initiative our proactive solutions will help prevent countless tons of water damaged belongings from overwhelming our landfills. Cyclone Valves is dedicated to reducing the risk of damage from sewer backup flooding. Since our inception in 2017 we have expanded from producing one valve to manufacturing a series of valves in a wide range of designs. Many companies manufacture check valves in addition to other product lines however Cyclone Valves is dedicated solely to the design and manufacture of ball loaded check valves. We have become a local recognized company for quality, innovation and cost efficiency. We recognize that the customer is number one and we will continue to build our foundation for success on service to each customer. Along with our many unique product designs we can manufacture our products for almost any application. Our customers can be assured that all of our backwater ball valves are rugged, efficient and built to perform to their specifications. Our innovative products have quickly captured the attention of code officials and the plumbing industry across North America making Cyclone Valves the professional’s choice for sewer backup protection. Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA and Project Impact Partners are a team of government professionals and industry leaders committed to help build Disaster Free Communities across the United States. Our goal is to mandate code legislation for new and more efficient flood prevention systems. Cyclone Valves supports this goal through our efforts devoted to designing superior products for sewer backup protection. Our products promise to not only meet but to exceed all existing current code requirements across North America committing time and effort to new product development will ensure Cyclone Valves remains a leader in sewer backflow technology.

24/7  Wi Fi Alarm Protection 

Cyclone alarms offer reliable performance helping keep your property safe by alerting you on potential water leaks and sewer backups. Cyclones Wi-Fi module easily connects to any internet connection and sends email text alerts to your phone via Smart Life App with no monthly or yearly fees. Cyclone flood alarm is a system that utilizes sensor arms to monitor water flow. This technology can be used to detect leaks, sewer backups and sump pump failure within a plumbing system. Cyclone flood alarms are the most reliable cost-effective flood alarms on the market today. Whether you need a high-quality check valve for your standard application or have special requirements make Cyclone Valves your first choice. You will find that our quality, innovation and service will exceed your expectations. Our products are produced in a U.S. facility that are second to none in the industry including a state of the art manufacturing facility in metro Detroit. While some see check valve manufacturing as a mature industry Cyclone Valves sees continuous opportunities for innovation. Cyclone is constantly developing and introducing new sewer backup products. By focusing on problem solving innovations with U.S.-made quality and the best delivery and fill rates in the industry Cyclone Valves will continue to thrive into the future.