Environmental Policy

Sanitary Sewer Overflows and Peak Flows

Properly designed, operated, and maintained sanitary sewer systems are meant to collect and transport all of the sewage that flows into them to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW). However, occasional unintentional discharges of raw sewage from municipal sanitary sewers occur in almost every system. These types of discharges are called sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). SSOs have a variety of causes, including but not limited to blockages, line breaks, sewer defects that allow storm water and groundwater to overload the system, lapses in sewer system operation and maintenance, power failures, inadequate sewer design and vandalism. EPA estimates that there are at least 23,000 – 75,000 SSOs per year (not including sewage backups into buildings). The untreated sewage from these overflows can contaminate our waters, causing serious water quality problems. It can also back-up into basements, causing property damage and threatening public health.


Additionally, aging sewer line infrastructure in many communities allows rain and snow melt to enter sanitary sewer systems. During significant wet weather events it is possible for influent flows to exceed the treatment capacity of existing secondary treatment units. Known as “peak flows,” these wet weather flows are sometimes diverted around secondary treatment units and then either recombined with flows from the secondary treatment units or discharged directly into waterways from the treatment plant in order to prevent any damage to the treatment facility. Operators of wastewater treatment plants must manage these high flows to both ensure the continued operation of the treatment process and to prevent backups and overflows of raw wastewater in basements or on city streets.  

Cyclone Valves LLC will conduct activities in such a manner to:

    1. Be in compliance with regulatory requirements and voluntary commitments.
    2. Prevent pollution
    3. Ensure continuous improvement in processes that impact on environmental operations and performances, including those not subject to regulation.
    4. Ensure environmental information is available to the public.

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