Setting A New Standard

Becoming more common in our industry these days, due to our occasional freak weather conditions, is the installation of anti-flood or non-return valves. These valves are generally fitted below ground on an outgoing pipe from a property usually within the last manhole chamber prior to the main sewer. The valve will shut under pressure should a main sewer surcharge and prevent flooding upstream through the connecting line. Unfortunately, sewer systems are over engineered when constructed and although it has generally stood the test of time, the increase in the load required of it and misuse could not have been anticipated. Anti-flood valves are by no means a new concept, original valves such as Eureka trunk valves or Tidal valves were used years ago and many still exist today, although you would struggle to find one that is fully operational. Eureka trunk valves are constructed out of cast iron and operate on a rising float to shut a flap, these suffer from corrosion and damage rendering them useless. Non-return valves can also be fitted to above ground pipework and branches preventing similar situations from occurring in communal stacks. They can basically be fitted anywhere, as long as there is easy access to them for servicing.

Our new and innovative product designs have quickly captured the attention of code officials and the plumbing industry across North America making Cyclone Valves Products the professionals’ choice for sewer protection. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Project Impact Partners are a team of government professionals and industry leaders committed to help build ‘Disaster Free Communities’ across the United States. Our goal is to mandate code legislation for new and more efficient flood prevention systems. Cyclone Valves supports this goal through our efforts devoted to designing superior products for sewer backup protection. Our products promise to not only meet but to exceed all existing current code requirements across North America and Canada Committing time and effort to new product development will ensure Cyclone Valve remains a leader in sewer backflow technology. We welcome you to a new generation of backwater valves, taking sewer backflow technology to extraordinary heights. Understandably, our vision statement was an easy one to establish setting a new standard.