Wi Fi Main Sewer Valves

Cyclone Backwater Ball Valves are mechanical devices that are designed to allow the flow of water in one direction only away from your property. Used on a sanitary sewer lateral they can offer a decrease in risk of sewage backup if installed properly and maintained adequately. Cyclone backwater valves are ideal for water/raw sewage applications thanks to our reliable backflow prevention device, reliable operation and all plastic highly corrosion-resistant construction. Cyclone valve features a full flow design, providing maximum flow for each ball valve and positive seal with minimum back pressure when flow stops. Our Valves are installed in the sewer line ahead of any fixtures. In the event of sewage being forced back into a property during a flood event the ball inside the valve is closed within the valve to prevent the sewage from entering the dwelling.

Features and benefits:

Free flow ball design offers zero flow restriction
Open design allows free circulation of air through the Plumbing System
Self-cleaning ball action helps keep valve clean
Cleanout plug for easy visual inspection of unit