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Cyclone Valves LLC

Since our inception in 2017, Cyclone Valves has expanded from producing one valve with one material to manufacturing a series of valves in a wide range of sizes. Many companies manufacture check valves in addition to other product lines however, Cyclone Valves is dedicated solely to the design and manufacture of  ball loaded check valves. We have become a local recognized company for quality, innovation, and cost efficiency. We recognize that the customer is #1 and we will continue to build our foundation for success on service to each customer. Along with our many standard space saving designs, we can design and manufacture our check valves for almost any application. Our customers can be assured that all of our check valves are rugged, efficient, and built to perform to their specifications. 

Whether you need a high quality check valve for your standard application or have special requirements, make Cyclone Valves your first choice. You will find that our quality, innovation, and service will exceed your expectations. All  Cyclone Valves are produced in U.S. facility that are second to none in the industry, including ISO-registered, state-of-the-art foundry and manufacturing facility in Macomb County Michigan. The company’s headquarters is located in St. Clair Shores Michigan. Investments in manufacturing, quality control and distribution in the first year. Employing “lean manufacturing” practices in U.S. plant allows the company to improve deliveries, control costs and provide better customer service. While some see valve manufacturing as a mature industry, Cyclone Valves sees continuous opportunities for innovation. The company is constantly developing and introducing new products. By focusing on problem-solving innovations, U.S.-made quality and the best delivery and fill rates in the industry, Cyclone Valves will continue to thrive.

Cyclone Valves LLC
806361 Greater Mack Ave.
St. Clair Shores, Mi. 48080
Call 313-610-7871 M-F 7:00 am-5:00 pm
Email: cyclonevalves@gmail.com


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