Cyclone Ball Valves have many advantages over conventional Swing Disc Check Valves. The Valves operate in a very simple, basic manner. They have only one moving part – the Ball. When water starts to flow up the ball moves upward closing the top opening of the valve. When the water stops the ball begins to move back to its original seated position. The ball is made of hollow polypropylene plastic resistant to most solvents.

The special advantages of the Cyclone Ball Valves, in comparison with conventional Swing Disc Check Valves include:

  • More reliable “non-clog” operationWater
  • Lower friction – pressure losses
  • Greater unrestricted passageway
  • More positive, resilient seating
  • Less wear
  • Less maintenance
  • Longer service life
  • Transparent Polypropylene Construction

These advantages make Cyclone Ball Valves very suitable for use in water, sewage and storm water system applications. Ball check valves are much more effective than Swing Disc Valves in wastewater containing solids, stringy materials, and abrasives such as grit and sand.

The Cyclone Backwater Ball Valve was designed to eliminate design weaknesses noted in other Ball Valves. These improvements include:

  • A widened side track providing easier access to service the ball. An impressive design inspection and service access cover consisting of a full flanged connection with a 2, 4 or 6 diameter design.
    This overcomes the weakness of a two-bolt design, which tends to loosen and allow spray out the sides of the valve.
  • Includes all PVC, Polypropylene construction – versus zinc-coated fasteners.
  • A very high quality fusion bonded epoxy resin coating inside and outside – versus a 60 micron thick alkyd finishing.
  • Thicker plastic coating on the valve balls to provide more wear resistance and longer service.