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D-Link Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor and Alarm Starter Kit, Whole Home System with App Notification, AC Powered, No Hub Required (DCH-S1621KT)
Product details:Category:Tools & Home Improvement,Safety & Security,Household Sensors & Alarms
Avoid Costly Water Damage: Master Sensor Plug-in with a compact, waterproof Sensor Pod (DCH-S163) detects leaks; multi-alert system (voice, alarm, text) notifies you right away
Alerts include powerful LED strobe light, built-in 100dB alarm, mobile phone notifications, and voice alerts with Google speakers providing real-time notifications wherever you are
Easy Setup and Placement: Master Sensor Plug utilizes a 5-foot cord with an attachable 1.5-foot water-sensing cable. Wirelessly expand coverage in up to 16 susceptible areas like next to water heaters, washers, and under sinks with Sensor Pods (DCH-S163)
Master Sensor plugs into a wall socket and connects to your home WiFi. The remote Sensor Pods are powered by two AAA batteries (included) with up to a five year lifespan
Sensor Pod(s) leverage a Sub-Gigahertz band for greater coverage and connectivity in areas that WiFi cannot penetrate, like the basement
Not compatible with DCH-161-US (battery powered version)

The Water Leak Sensor Starter Kit is an easy to use DIY leak detection solution for the home that notifies you of any water leaks as soon as they occur, so you can avoid costly water damage repairs from leaks that go undetected. The kit includes a Master Unit (or Hub) with attachable sensing cable, and a battery powered sensing Pod. The Hub plugs into any wall outlet, while the sensing Pod can be placed in areas susceptible to water leaks such as the washing machine, water heater, under sinks. The Pod sports two pre-installed AAA batteries for up to 5 years of battery life. Both units are super easy to set up and come pre-paired to the mydlink app which can be downloaded onto your smartphone and easily connected to your home’s existing WiFi. The multi-alert system (audible, visual, mobile) makes it accessible whether home or away. The Hub’s LED strobe light is powerful for visual notification, while the Hub’s built in 100 dB alarm is easily heard. You can also connect to Google Speaker for voice alerts, and finally rich notifications are sent to your mobile phone. Scalable and versatile you can add up to 16 Pods throughout your home. The Pods low profile design make it easy to place discreetly and the sensing cable allows for more out of reach placement. The reliable mydlink water sensor kit is always on so when you are away you have peace of mind.

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• Help Avoid Costly Water Damage: Plug in Master Unit and Sensor Pod system is easy to set up. Place up to 16 Sensor Pods (DCH-S163) in areas susceptible to water leaks such as water heaters, washers, and under sinks.
• Visual and Audible Water Leak Alerts. The water leak sensor will let you know as soon as it comes in contact with water, sending you a rich notification to your mobile device. The Master Unit water sensor will also sound a loud 100dB alarm and flash an LED strobe.
• Multi-alert system (visual, audible, and mobile) for real time notifications. Powerful LED strobe light, built in 100dB alarm, mobile phone notifications, and voice alerts with Google speakers.
• Always on Protection. Master Unit plugs into wall socket and and connects to your home Wi-Fi, while the remote Sensor Pods (DCH-S163) are powered with two pre-installed AAA batteries (last up to five years)
• Uses your Home’s WiFi. Master Unit connects to your WiFi, while the Sensor Pod(s) leverage the sub-gigahertz channel for greater range and areas that WiFi cannot penetrate like the basement Connects to your existing Wi-Fi router, no hub required
Plug into any standard AC Powered, type A plug socket (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
Integrated Sub-GHz hub for long-range sensors (over 300 ft. indoors or 1,000 ft. in open space)
Compatible with up to 16 DCH-S163 water sensors
Strobe LED provides visual alert
Built-in 100 dB speaker/siren for audio alerting
Built-in Bluetooth™ for faster setup
Works with the free mydlink™ app
Always up to date with over-the-air firmware upgrades
Works with the Google Assistant
Sensor battery life of up to five years
1-year D-Link warranty

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